Harmony Massage


Kathryn Perkins is the owner and licensed massage therapist (LMT) at Harmony Massage. She attended Myotherapy College of Utah from 2003-2004 and obtained her license to practice massage therapy in the state of Utah in January 2005. That's over 12 years of massage experience! Kathryn also has over 300 hours of continuing education.

Kathryn opened Harmony Massage in November 2007 and has been loving running her own business ever since. Harmony Massage had an office in downtown Salt Lake City as well as in West Jordan but ultimately found the perfect location in Sugarhouse, where we have been for the last 8 years. Harmony Massage has found the perfect home at Ashton Offices and we are ecstatic to work with so many other wonderful massage therapists, counselors, psychologists and other individuals who are dedicated to helping others. 

A message from Kathryn: "Massage is my passion. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love what I do! I have seen massage therapy transform lives, literally. Many clients whom I have worked suffer from chronic pain and repetitive stress injuries as well as overwhelming amounts of stress in their day to day lives - these clients tend to benefit the most from therapeutic massage services to aid in pain and stress management. I enjoy working with these clients, helping them set goals and watching them reach and often exceed their goals. Massage has personally helped me stay physically fit, active, balanced, and overall sane. I am a true believer in the many benefits of massage therapy and am very grateful that I am able to share the gift of massage therapy with my clients."

We hope that you enjoy looking over our website and hope that you will grant us the opportunity of working with you. 

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